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The photographer behind our Glow Collection Nail Polish shoot

I was connected to Dara through IG! I saw a friends amazing photo set and had to know who took them, and lucky me got connected to Dara. Our very first convo was one that will always stick out to me as she mentioned that working with female entrepreneurs was something she loved to do.

In true startup fashion I called on all my beautiful friends to help style, model, and conceptualize my vision. Dara jumped right in and helped execute the incredible photos for the debut of the polish. She worked her butt off and the images are beyond anything I could have imagined. No doubt Dara is incredibly talented and beyond a joy to work with! LOVE her!!

She was so great that I hired her to shoot my husband and I’s “secret” courthouse wedding ceremony, giving us memories we’ll cherish forever. This woman is everything and I see so many more EM shoots together in the future! So inspired by her creativity and hard work as she continues to build her business doing what she loves!

One of the first things you said to me was how you loved supporting and working with female entrepreneurs. Why is that so important to you?

My mother is a fashion designer and entrepreneur she was always starting clothing lines my whole life. I think that made me passionate in supporting other female run businesses from a young age, seeing her struggles and success. Women have it the worst in a lot of industries, we need to constantly support one another to make it happen!

You shoot for many things, proposals, people needing IG profile pics, fashion brands, product, ect. What's your favorite type of project to work on?

I love shooting female entrepreneurs and fashion! Branding is so fun for me, being able to convey how a brand or personal brand wants to look gives me the most joy.

How did you get into photography and what keeps you passionate about it?

I've always loved taking pictures, I've been collecting vintage cameras since I was a pre teen. I love being able to capture moments and to look back and be like "damn I did that" or clients say after seeing their photos "damn I'm hot!"

How would you describe your creative style?

My mind is always seeing things differently, I love bright colors but then I love clean lines and white! Analog photography makes me the happiest because there's no editing or changing involved really. I don't have to think too much about it. When I shoot digitally I'm like I can change anything, I could make this girl float if I want too!

What advise would you give anyone who is just starting out?

Just do it!!! When I first started photography on my own I got fired from a shitty e-commerce photo job. I then took up hosting at night and shot as much as I could during the days.

What's next for you and your biz?

I just recently started a Digital Marketing/Media company called Lixs Media with my friend who is an amazing Videographer. It's been a lot of non stop work but the clients we have had so far are amazing!

Since we're all about self and soul care here at EM, what does self care mean to you? How do you practice self and soul care?

I don't know where my sanity would be without self care. The fact that we can do so many things to make ourselves feel better or get out of a shitty day is great. I go to yoga at least 3 times a week, I practice meditation, self love (face masks, foam rolling, sea salt baths, cuddling my dogs as much as I can). I love making lattes and cooking for some soul care as well.

Fav EM product and why?

The candles! They smell so sexy and make me instantly feel better. I lit one yesterday, took some CBD and cleaned my room, it was a very spiritual experience.

I know you love Dara just as much as I do after reading this interview, she’s magic! Here is where you can find her: IG @daradanen and view her portfolio here 💛💛💛

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