Why Nail Polish?

WHY NOT?   I personally have ALWAYS loved nail polish.  The freedom and creativity of that pop of color at the end of my fingers can be so fun, and/or professional, and totally a form of self expression!

Someone recently asked me if I really thought Nail Polish represented self-care and without hesitation I said YES. Anytime you take some time for you- whether it's making the extra effort to get to a salon or making space to take the time to paint your own nails, you are deciding to take care of yourself…that is without a doubt the kind of self care I aim for.

This is a time to unwind, put your phone away, and have some time to yourself. Whether you’re getting them done in a salon or you are doing them yourself it takes a minute, one you can sink into and enjoy.

As with the candles, the bath salts, and smudge kits this nail polish is meant to aid in your self and soul care practice. To make something simple and elevate it to a place that's enjoyable and special.  However you choose to use it, enjoy and slow down enough to let the simple act of getting your nails done be one to give yourself peace and love. 



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