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Hello loves,

To me, Free Spirit is the feeling of letting go...becoming uninhibited and being in the flow. It’s where the world around you feels as though everything is going your way and that everything around you is meant for you. You feel at ease and supported to do as you please, how you please. It's not an easy place to find, which is why I feel like the simple lighting of this candle helps me get there. I love the name and I hope that when you light your Free Spirit candle, you also feel your worries and inhibitions melt away.

Free Spirit’s scent is a blend of Rose and Oud. They are both scents that have been around for centuries, although traditionally the Rose scent comes from the West and distinctive scent of Oud from the East.

Rose scent has seen many variations and interpretations over hundreds of years. It's been used for ages, even mentioned in ancient Greek myths as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was said to have anointed the slain Hector with rose oils to heal the wounds of her lover. In the recent past, Rose smell became associated your grandmother- something floral and feminine, but not necessarily sexy or mainstream. Even more recently, however, Rose is having a comeback and can be found in many luxury colognes and perfumes, redefining how this fragrance is used. The Rose scent in this candle does provide that floral element but has an earthy undertone to it to give it balance which blends nicely with Oud.    

Oud is said to be one of the most expensive fragrances in the world. It comes from a tree called Agarwood, only found in the Middle East. In order to extract the scent the tree is infected with a specific mold that produces a dark and fragrant resin which is called Oud. Oud is exploding in popularity scent due to the sweet, natural woodiness that is instantly recognizable.

Free Spirit is a state I love being in, and my hope is that with each light of this candle you are reminded of your own free spirit! Let me know in the comments below which worries you are letting go of when you light your Free Spirit candle!



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