Wild Heart, It's Here

Hello loves!

Wild Heart, my third candle, is something truly special to me. I chose the word 'Wild' to represent where I come from and a part of me that I always hold close. For me growing up in a small remote part of Alaska (it's true), the wilderness is beauty at its most breathtaking, the unknowing depth of its expansiveness, and the ever changing volatility of the weather and seasons. Adding a moment of wild to your heart simply just asks you to be in awe of the depths of your own soul and journey- the way we can all be with nature. As you light this candle, I hope that you find a minute to appreciate the wilderness within.

Wild Heart is a silky blend of Peony and Leather, a blossomy smell undercut with a musky spice that creates a unisex balance that's delicious to all.

Peonies have a sweet, full bodied floral scent. The peony has an inspiring history of beauty for many artists throughout the centuries, but some may not know that it has also been used for medicinal purposes. Dried flower petals were formerly used in tea to help a cough, and scientists are currently evaluating the compounds of the flower for other purposes. The variability perfectly encapsulates the wilderness of the flower and this candle.

The leather scent in the candle is a man-made equivalent of what leather smells like. We all know that smell, and we all know that in the right context and in the right amount, it can be perfect. For Wild Heart, I believe that it is.

Let your heart run free. Love your soul and take time to be a little wild, even if that means just lighting this candle and thinking about exploration of your own version of wilderness. I would love to hear from you in the comments below on your take of how the candle smells and the wild heart you discover along the way!



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