Let's Talk About High Vibes

High Vibes lighting up the vanity! LOVE!

High Vibes lighting up the vanity! LOVE!

Hello my loves!

High Vibes, as defined in the Urban Dictionary is “a naturally high state. The state of joy one achieves when a person’s actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at its core.” Living this way, or working towards this as a more constant way of being, is exactly what soul care is all about. In this fast paced, distracted, busy life we all lead, this candle can be a way to remember to live with High Vibes and to take that moment as a reminder to be present.  So if the assumption is that everything is energy (allegedly Albert Einstein said this but more recently Oprah, haha) then High Vibes is about raising that energy or vibration for optimal health and well-being. Yes, yes, and hell yes!

The High Vibes candle has a beautiful blend of Tobacco Leaf and Ylang Ylang. This is a warm, comforting candle and the scent is subtly earthly with a simultaneous crisp bite.

The Tobacco Leaf is fresh and alive, as opposed to dried leaves used in cigars, and has a distinctive scent to it once you light the candle. It has the subtle hit of a true tobacco smell but is garden-fresh and bright as a fragrance.

Ylang Ylang (pronounced as “ilang ilang”) is known as the ‘Crown of the East’ or ‘Perfume Tree.’ It has a banana like smell that is tropical and floral. Growing from the blossoms of the Ylang Ylang tree native to Southeast Asia and Australia, it has powerful aroma-therapeutic associations of stress relief, anti-anxiety and mood elevating properties that shine through in a seriously High Vibes type of way.

As you light this candle, welcome the High Vibes that are resonating from the burn. You deserve to bask in its “naturally high state” for a little self and soul care.

Tell me about your High Vibes self-care moment in the comments below! 



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