What is Soul Care?

Soul Care is how you take care of the very essence of who you are. It's the self talk we have running through our minds, it's the vibe you resonate out to the world, it's the most 'you' of all that you are. Here at ELSAMARIT we want to explore what we can do to ensure our souls get plenty of tlc (tender loving care).

What is Self Care?

Your Self Care is completely and totally up to you! What is it that lights you up or makes you the most happy? Everyone has a different definition, However, here at ELSAMARIT we believe Self Care is expressed by products that are meant to elevate your daily life. 


We take time and care into all of our products and content. In fact we take so much care into everything we do, we think it's the best! The fact that all items and information are crafted in a way that supports your self and soul care we couldn't be more proud to be a part of your journey and practice. 

How do I order wholesale?

We love adding partners that are as passionate as we are about all things self care! Please email elsamarit@elsamarit.com for inquiries

Any other questions?

We love hearing from you so don't hesitate to reach out to elsamarit@elsamarit.com for any additional questions