Well Loved - Your Fav Unscented Candle

This ‘Well Loved’ candle is unscented, YES you heard that right completely unscented, no fragrance, no scent story.

The reason for this, is that it is meant to be used on the table with food, drinks, and the gathering of people you love without the interference of a scented candle. Part of how we taste comes from all our senses and one of them is smell...and as lovey as the EM candles are I don’t want to be biting into my dinner eating ‘High Vibes’!

I have asked and literally expect these candles to be well loved, to be burned, to be used in your Smudging/Sage energy clearing, your new moon ceremonies, in your meditation practice, as you get ready in the morning or when you have guests over and more. These candles represent something beautiful for you to enjoy!!

The candle ‘Well Loved’ is all of the above and more. With the burning of this candle its only purpose is to provide ambiance. To provide a glow and flicker of light over a crowed dinner party, a rose all day soirée, or a romantic dinner for two. To give a cozy vibe during a birthday, baby shower, or holiday meal.

This candle has a slightly different look then the others with its frosted glass and clear label to ensure all the glow from the flame is enjoyed use after use.

Really, this candle represents everything that ELSAMARIT stands for, to promote a life well-loved with beautiful self and soul care.

Elsa Stavig